Commodities We Inspect &Inpection Services

We are authorized to make inspection for a wide range of products, semi-products and raw material such as;
  • Scrap and Waste/ Recycling materials;

             Steel Scrap,

             Stainless Steel Scrap

            Aluminum Scrap

            Copper Scrap

  • Metallurgical Products;

            Reinforcing Bars

            Merchant Bars





  • Ferro Alloys, Noble Alloys


  • Minerals


  • Concentrates


  • Ores


  • Base/Minor/Rare Earth Metals


  • Coal & Coke products


  • Precious metals


  • Agricultural Products


  • Electrical Products


  • Machinery


  • Marine Craft
We are supplying following services for the products mentioned above.
  • Production inspection; for steel products like, re-bars, merchant bars, profiles, tubes, coils and plates
  • Pre-shipment inspections; for all types of cargoes at storage areas and stockpiles
  • Loading / Discharging /Delivery inspection; for all types of cargoes
  • Quality determination; for Scrap and Waste/Recycling materials
  • Moisture determination
  • Container, truck, wagon loading/discharging inspections; for all types of cargoes
  • Lashing/securing controls


  • Sampling and analytical services; for ferro alloys, noble alloys, minerals, concentrates, ores, base/minor/rare earth metals, coal & coke products and precious metals
  • Marine survey and related maritime services; such as Draft Surveys, Hold Inspections and On-Hire/Off-Hire surveys
  • Ultrasonic and hydrostatic hatch cover tests


  • Ships bunker gauging and sampling


  • Damage inspection and repairs


  • Radio activity testing
Although we are authorized to inspect a wide range of commodities, we are specialized in steel scrap, metallurgical products and concentrates.
In 2011 we have inspected about 3.500.000 mtons of steel scrap, about 500.000 mtons of steel products, about 100.000 mtons of pig iron and ferro alloys and 275.000 wmt of concentrates.
In 2012 quantities of our inspected materials increased to 4.300.000 mtons of steel scrap, 550.000 mtons of steel products, 170.000 mtons of pig iron and ferro alloys and 295.000 wmt of concentrates.