Our company has been implementing a quality management system in accordance with ISO standards since 2003. Within the framework of this system, a quality policy has been determined in our company. All company employees are responsible for knowing and implementing this policy.


In its survey services, RC takes the principle of doing its work with its expert and trained personnel in the most accurate, reliable and quality manner.

Independence in our works and privacy in customer information will be our most important principle.

It is our purpose to do the works we do in the most accuracy manner without impact.

Our quality policy is to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous development.

RC personnel do not feel any commercial, financial and other pressures during their activities. It acts completely impartially and independently in its activities. Accordingly, the company’s inspection procedures are such that other persons and organizations other than RC cannot interfere or influence the inspection results. Our company carries out its activities by adhering to the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality.

This commitment is made by RC ULUSLARARASI GÖZETİM LTD. Since they will exchange information verbally or in writing for the purposes of the business relationship that ŞTİ will establish with its customers, it undertakes the confidentiality of this information.

  • RC shall not be subject to any information, invention, work, method, progress and patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, legal protection it receives from all of its customers, with whom it has a business relationship, by itself, its staff, or its employees and from sources other than the customer. All commercial, financial, technical information and speech information that they will learn through written or verbal means during any other innovations and work, even all other innovations, are accepted as confidential information.
  • RC is not responsible for the incomplete or incorrect confidential information disclosed to it by its customers, and this confidential information disclosed to it;
  1. Protection in great secrecy
  2. Not to give and/or publicize any third party in any way whatsoever,
  3. They undertake not to use, directly or indirectly, for purposes other than the purposes of the commercial relationship between them.

RC undertakes to show due diligence in protecting the confidential information it has acquired. However, it may give this information to its sub-employees who need to learn it, and to other people working under them, in obligatory cases and due to their job. It warns its sub-employees and other persons working under them regarding the confidentiality of information, and accepts and undertakes in advance that they will not act contrary to this commitment and that they will be directly responsible if they do so.

  • Information Not Confidential Information
  1. public domain information
  2. Information that must be disclosed pursuant to applicable laws, regulations, or a court order or administrative order.
  • In the event that confidential information is disclosed as required by law or contractual commitments, RC immediately notifies the owner of the disclosed information in writing and verbally, unless a limit is imposed by law.
  • RC delivers materials containing confidential information to the owner upon termination of the commercial relationship.
  • RC undertakes not to transfer this information to third parties, not to distribute it in any way or by any means, not to disclose it through media organs and media outlets, and not to use it for advertising purposes without the written consent of the information owner
  • RC continues to protect the confidentiality of the information obtained even if its commercial relationship is terminated.
  • In case of any non-compliance or dispute regarding the issues covered by this contract, the laws of the Republic of Turkey will be applied and Istanbul Courts are authorized.

RC International Surveillance Ltd. I declare that I will read, understand and implement the Confidentiality Commitment.