RC Inspection company also provide services for all coal-related products and solid biofuels, which are currently the most important commodities for power generation in the world.

Quality and quantity assessments are made at loading, unloading and transshipment ports around the world. Evaluations are coordinated by the head office in Rotterdam, communication lines are kept short and accurate reporting is provided.

To guarantee the most accurate analysis results, sampling, sample preparation and all analysis processes are carried out in accordance with the latest ISO/ASTM standards. In addition to all these, RC Inspection is on the globalCoal approved laboratory list.

RC Inspection provides deep temperature control and infrared temperature control to prevent spontaneous combustion of materials. Thanks to these methods, the temperature of the materials can be controlled and possible hot spots can be detected. The most important thing is that this method prevents material loss and possible dangerous situations.


  • Warehouse inspection
  • Water withdrawal measurement
  • Barge measurement
  • Sampling from cargo
  • Quality inspection
  • Sample preparation
  • Size distribution
  • Terminal inspections
  • Stock inspections
  • Moisture test and scan during installation
  • Deep heat control and infrared heat control
  • Supervision of loading, transfer and unloading operations