In addition to staff seconded for inspections, our employees with more than 35 years of experience provide cleaning inspection, cargo handling inspection and quantification services. RC Inspection guarantees a high quality of service for the best possible protection of the cargo and therefore the interests of the customer.

Quantification can be done by measuring method for river type ships, by draft survey for marine type ships and by truck, sack, barrel and volumetric stock measurements. Accurate determination of the amount is very important and is carried out only by experienced employees.


  • Inspection before shipping
  • Cargo damage inspection
  • Warehouse inspections
  • Fastening – fixing services
  • Cleaning inspections
  • Pressurized Water Test and/or Ultrasonic Control
  • Fuel Measurement and sampling
  • Draft Survey
  • Ship hatches/hold inspection
  • On-demand examinations
  • Volumetric stock inspections
  • Loading/stacking and fixing inspections for project cargoes
  • Scoreboard and stock control
  • Cargo handling Tracking and Inspection
  • Storage and stacking inspection