RC Inspection Group designs, equips and operates mine and port site laboratories and sample preparation facilities for mining and metallurgical process plant support.

For each location and ore body the best type of equipment and analytical techniques are supplied to customers, all delivered in perfect condition. Moreover, application of the equipment is done prior to actual delivery. The equipment will be offered in combination with located technicians and chemists in remote locations to subsequently operate and manage such facilities.

RC Inspection also offers services for re-packing Rare Earth metals / minerals. In addition, we deliver suitable packaging for such products and offer weighing services with portable high precision weighing scales. This enables customers to deliver a duly packed, weighed and analyzed product to end-users

Flow Moisture Point (FMP) determination, is the point at which a granular bulk material becomes fluid. This assesment is highly important to carry out prior to transporting the cargo. For instance, it is strongly recommended not to transport the cargo, if the moisture content is found higher than the Transportable Moisture Limit.


  • In stock pre-shipment inspection
  • Volumetric stock inspections
  • Technical support for Coal, Coal, Petroleum Coke and Coke products
  • Reconditioning and repackaging (also for damaged/contaminated products)
  • Reweighing rare earth metals
  • High precision weighing operations
  • radioactivity test
  • Density test
  • Flow Point Humidity / Portable Humidity Limit